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Software is eating the world

Change is the only constant, and we need a way to cope with this change ...

We need to change the way we work, the way we organize ourselves, the way we anticipate change. We need to understand the fact that everything we learned in IT for the past decades is often more a burden than a qualifier to be successful in an ever-changing world.

The companies that have the best ability to embrace the change, understand their implications, and implement the change fast, will be the companies that win.

But how to transition into this flexible IT company? Just copy a Spotify or Netflix model and all will be fine? What kind of people do you need? And are we buying software, or do we need to build ourselves? What about the cloud?

For these kind of questions, I can be your trusted advisor, helping you and your Agile Teams get aligned on architecture, technology, software delivery and implementation approach. Through 25 years of IT experience in a broad variety of roles, I know what works and what doesn't, and I'm able to translate this knowledge to your specific situation.

Want to know what I think about your specific challenges? Let's have a chat!

Marco Kroonwijk


My Roles

DevOps Lead

Lead your group of technical people, to enable continuous delivery of value to your end users.

Continous Delivery Coach

Guide your product teams to automate high quality software delivery multiple times a day.

Software Architect

Assess your application landscape and implement improvements in line with ambitions and size of your company.

C# .NET Developer

Get Hands-On with your developers, increasing quality of work and raising the bar for your software products by example.

Cloud Engineer

Help setup your Cloud infrastructure increasing agility of your company by leveraging PAAS services.

Technical Product Owner

Be a trusted advisor for your organisation on all technical aspects of software creation and maintenance.

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The 4 most successful ways to let test automation FAIL.

Marco Kroonwijk September 9, 2015 LinkedIn

So … your organization has just decided to embark on a test automation journey. You are going to automate all your manual regression testing efforts with this magnificent automation tool that drives your application. It tests just like any manual tester would do, but without the lag of the actual human normally associated with the task. The tool vendor demoed a way to record the test activities and replay them automagically to the management team, and they are all excited about the ease of use (and potential cost reduction).

A few months later, reality has kicked-in. Your test automation project has come to a grinding halt. What happened?

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Why Continuous Delivery? Start with the customer in mind!

Marco Kroonwijk March 24, 2015 LinkedIn

At the beginning of 2015 we had a great session with a lot of Prowareness customer representatives, in which we asked them to provide feedback on our past performance and future plans. One of the topics being discussed was the introduction of Continuous Delivery (CD) in their organization. Most surprisingly, many customers asked us why they should start with it, because that was not such an obvious thing to them. We got signals that we had overrated the familiarity with, and awareness of, the benefits of CD. This was worth exploring further.

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Technical Agile Coach

Marco Kroonwijk March 1, 2015 LinkedIn

A while ago, I started working at Prowareness, and as new employees we choose our own role title best fitting our experience, skills, ambition and passion. I chose the title of Technical Agile Coach, without really having defined what it actually is. It just felt right!

However, occasionally, people ask me what a technical coach does and what the difference is with “other” Agile Coach titles. So here’s what that answer is, for me.

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